Orscheln Products LLC is a global supplier that offers a wide range of mechanical control systems to the commercial, general, regional, and military aviation markets, as well as the military ground support vehicle market.
Every Orscheln aircraft and military application is supported by an experienced sales, engineering, quality assurance, and customer service staff fully dedicated to each product’s design, function, and on-time delivery. Our highly skilled production team builds our customized assemblies in specialized manufacturing cells.
At Orscheln Products we understand that space and weight restrictions in aircraft and military applications are critical design constraints. In response we specialize in custom designed, installation specific applications that maximize the level of efficiency and effectiveness our customers seek. Our use of special materials, precise tolerances, low slide forces, and low backlash add value to each project we undertake. Our company prides itself on our diverse product and process offerings. In addition to our motion control system manufacturing processes, we offer tube bending, laser cutting, screw machining, zinc die casting, dip-spin & powder coat painting, and plating. Due to increasing worldwide environmental regulatory pressures, we go one step further by providing our customers eco-friendly chrome and cadmium replacement alternatives that provide superior performance.
Orscheln Products has experience working with FAA-PMA assemblies, as well as FAA and customer conformities. Our constructions meet the requirements of FAR 23.1411(2000 degree flame test) and FAR 25.853 (burn test). We maintain a business system in compliance with Title 14 CFR, Part 21 subject to FAA inspections and have completed engineering development programs and validated them to MIL-STD-810 and RTCA/DO-160. We are DFARS and ITAR compliant, and we have a DMIR on staff.

rat release

Rat release

Strut assemblies

park brake systems

Park brake systems

mechanical control cables

Mechanical control cables 

fluid level indications

Fluid level indicators

Aircraft / Defence Applications

•Environmental (HVAC)
•Parking Brake
•Landing Gear
•Emergency Landing Gear
•RAT Release
•Trailing Wire Antenna
•Tow Target Lines
•Door Controls
•Seat Adjustment
•Bleed Air/Vacuum
•Fuel Shutoff
•Engine Shutoff
•Ejection Seat Arm Restraint
•Inertia Reel Release
•Waste Drain
•Ag. Spray Controls
•Bomb Hoist
•Gust Lock
•Pedal Location Lock Controls
•Oxygen Controls
•Bonding Strap
•Power Feeder Cable
•Stow Lock Pins
•Fluid Level Indicators (FLI)
•Wheel Lock
•Cowl Flap
•Cargo Release
•JATO Bottle Release
•Crew Module
•Canopy Release
•Flight Surface Controls
•Ballistic Shield Control
•Tank Steering
•Fire Suppression
•Cargo Door Struts
•Cowl Strut
•Junction Box