Tangless® wire inserts without tang

tangless wire inserts without rang

– Quick and easy installation; no tang to break;
– Lightweight yet robust design reinforces tapping
– Wide range of reported nets: Metric, UNC, UNF …
– Dimensions from M2 to M12 / 2-56 to 3 / 8-16
– Self-locking option
– Wide selection of material options and coatings
– Numerous choices of manual, electrical and pneumatic tools
– Approved by military and aeronautical standards (NAS 1130, NA 0276 & NASM 8846)
– Preparation of the piece identical to the installation of a net attached to a trainer

Reduce your costs by 90%!

Description & operating principle

TANGLESS® threads have the same characteristics as a trainer version, with the exception: a unique shape of the ends of the TANGLESS® insert associated with the training tool which allows a very simple and fast assembly. Screw, unscrew, the insert is placed.
Operation: The trainer is positioned in the notch of the insert then rotates it in the room
receiver, at the end of the race or when the user decides, the change of direction of rotation causes the automatic release of the trainer, thus allowing the extraction of the tooling.


– Stainless steel type 304 (AS7245)
– Phosphor bronze (AS7247)
– Inconel X750 (AS7246)
– Nitronic® 60 (UNS S21800)

Finishes & coatings

The ideal finish or coating for each insert depends on the optimal coefficient of friction and the service conditions of the assembled parts, i.e. temperature, chemical influences, humidity, surface layer and dust.


– Silver (AMS2410, AMS2411 or AMS2412): Reduces the galling effect at high temperatures.

– Coloring (red, blue and green): Facilitates identification. Red is assigned to the braked version.

– Dry Film Lubricants (AS5272): Reduces galling and facilitates installation. Excellent resistance to corrosion.

– Cadmium (AMS-QQ-P-416): Excellent resistance to corrosion. Decreases the coefficient of friction.

– Passivation: Chemical cleaning. Chemical nickel



EPCI offers a complete range of installation tools/adaptors to your needs and facilitating the installation of nets reported. These tools are simple, versatile and easy to use. They exist in manual, electric or pneumatic version.

Description & operating principle

Tangless insert

Tangless® insert

manual editing

Manual editing

manual disassembly

Manual insertion

Electrical mounting tools

Electrical mounting tools