– Lift-off
– Friction
– On springs
– Piano



– To screw
– To rivet
– Welding


– Steel
– Stainless steel 303/304
– Zinc alloy
– Plastic
– Aluminum


– Galvanized
– Chrome
– Black…


– Angle of rotation up to 270 °
– Possibility of adaptation and / or development <


The hinge is a system of articulation allowing to rotate around a axis a hood, a door …
It is an essential element in order to facilitate the opening or closing of certain installations.
It is very often composed of three parts: two hinges (which is also called male wing and wing
female) and an axis that allows articulation.

Many variants exist, such as hinges to screw, detachable, friction, or even invisible hinges

The most commonly used materials for these hinges are steel, stainless steel 303/304, zinc alloy, compositeswith zinc, chrome, black finishes
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Some examples :