Headquartered in Long Island, NY, IDC is a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of Shock & Vibration Isolation systems for both military and commercial applications. Specializing in rugged, all-metallic, cable type isolators, IDC has amassed an impressive list of shock qualified systems for the US Navy and all branches of the military.

IDC’s unsurpassed experience and knowledge in the field of shock and vibration isolation, makes it possible for us to engineer a solution from early concept, to final product. All of IDC’s products are proudly made in the USA using only the highest quality domestic materials.

isolator M series

No other isolator on the market can match the versatility and performance characteristics of the Helical Cable Isolator. From its multi-axis isolation, to its ability to function in the most hostile of environments, the Helical Cable Isolator combines the best features of other isolation devices into one cost effective product. Originally designed for military applications, it has become increasingly popular in industrial and commercial markets as engineers and designers become more familiar with its capabilities. The M Series can handle loads of less than one pound (M2’s) to over 5,000 pounds (M40’s); and with over 100 standards sizes, IDC has by far the most extensive line in the industry.

The unique design of the SM Series makes this isolator an ideal choice for light weight equipment requiring a high level of shock & vibration isolation. The symmetrically balanced « S » shaped cables gives this isolator a high degree of vertical stability (even under large excursions). It is this characteristic that makes the SM vastly superior over similar mounts that have a tendency to collapse or buckle under large motions. The cables of this isolator are mechanically fastened to the two retainer bars (adhesives are never used) which provides the SM the same wide temperature range as the SM Series. Its compact design and single mounting hole makes installation of the SM Series simple.

sb series

Short Bar Isolators are used in applications where there is a limited amount of space and a standard Helical Cable Isolator may be too long (« SB Series » isolators are approximately half the length of our standard « M » Series). As with all other IDC products, special materials and finishes are available upon request.

special isolator assemblies

One of IDC’s greatest strengths is our ability to design, engineer and manufacture custom isolation systems all within our own facility and to do it faster than anyone. Whether it’s for a few prototypes or for a large production order, IDC will work with you through the entire design process until a solution is achieved. Some of the products that fall under the category of Assemblies / Systems / Specials include: rail assemblies, plates assemblies, trays, skids, weldments, 45 degree mounting brackets, isolators with special materials, finishes, mounting holes, sizes etc…